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We understand that it can sometimes be a worry if you have to be out of the house when your dog is still at home, but Union City Dog Walkers are here to help! We would love to hear from you about your pet and your pet’s needs, your schedule, and answer any questions you may have for us. For more information on our dog walking services, please fill out the form.

Looking for someone to care for your bestfriend(s) during times you are busy? on a vacation? have plans for the weekend? Whatever the reason may be, Union City Dog Walkers is here for you! Call us now at (201) 975-5559


Dog Walking

Let us walk your precious wet-nosed, sloppy kissing, wagging tailed dogs while you are busy!

Pet Daycare

Your dog will love playing all day with like-minded furry friends in our safe and supervised playrooms.

Dog Sitting

Dog sitting is the perfect solution for dogs that are best kept at home where they are comfortable while you are on holiday, at work or just out for the day.

Dog Boarding

We’re the perfect home away from home for your dog when they need a sleepover stay.